Chiropractic Marketing Ideas: #1

In the 1940’s there was a great advertisement for the Volkswagen Beetle. It was refreshingly honest, down to earth, and funny – unlike their competition, who were stuffy, corporate, and cheesy. The advertising technique was a wild success and kept Volkswagen alive and well in the United States. The reason for their success: they were honest and didn’t take themselves too seriously.

Chiropractic Marketing Idea #1: review your website(s) and find ways to make them more personable, honest, and charming. Visit other chiropractic websites and figure out what catch phrases they use. When you’ve got a list of 20 phrases, go back to your own website and change anything that sounds like your competition. Here’s an experiment… take the content from your website and change the name to another practice, if it still makes sense- you’re doing something wrong. Great content should distinguish you from the competition. If your content sounds different from the rest of the mob, you’ve succeeded.